1.1. EPC?

EPC:  Engineering - Procurement of goods - Construction

1.2. The roles of KHK on EPCM
Engineering- provided equipment and technology-construction works that the works will be performed in accordance with the request of the contract and  meet the requirements of the investor an reasonable, with the end purpose is provided complete projects, safe and efficient operation for investor:
- Provide engineering services, design and construction drawings and other services related to the works;
- Provide or arrange to provide all labors, management, equipment and materials neeed to perform work except in special cases specified in the contract;
- Shopping, promotion, inspection and arrange for delivery to site all materials and equipment for works and works, all temporary works and materials needed for the construction works accordance with design documents and contracts;
- Establish measures to organize the construction and construction works;
- test preparation (operator) works as prescribed;
- Supervise and direct the test preparation of the project;
- Arrange customs procedures including arranging all kinds of insurance, warehousing and transportation in the territory of Vietnam, for all materials, equipment, goods imported any construction service construction;
- Coordinate with sub-contractors, suppliers, other parties hired by the contractor related to the work and the copyright of the technology (if any) to ensure that all materials and equipment used works used in accordance with the provisions of the contract;
- Provides all the equipment and services needed to achieve the acceptance of delivery of the works under the contract;
- Always perform work safely;
- Training and instruction of Investor manpower for operation and maintenance works to the extent specified in the investor’s requirements (if any)
- Perform completion in accordance with current regulations;
- Any activity that is not specified in this article may have deduced from the contract as necessary to complete the work, the contractor will perform and the cost of such work is regarded as already included in the price is right copper, unless otherwise specified in the contract.
Civil construction projects:
- Office buildings
- Universities and research centers
- Museums, cultural dwellings, and halls
- Hospitals
- Gymnasia and sports projects
- Premium residential apartments and buildings
- Hotels and resorts
- Department stores and shopping centers
- .v.v
 Industrial construction projects:
- ASEAN/ WHO/ EU/ FDA GMP pharmaceutical factories
- Production of food  factories
- Textile and garment factories
- Industrial zones
- .v.v.
1. All documents project consultancy issued by H.K conform to process of quality management ISO 9001: 2000 certification organization BVQI (UK)
2. The documents of establish projects issued by H.K conform to Vietnamese  National Construction Code, and Vietnamese designing and construction standards; H.K also applies standards of other countries and international organizations currently approved and applied by the Ministry of Construction such as ISO, BS, AS, NF, ASTM, WHO/EU/FDA GMP standards.
3. HK using assistive modern technology design tools to improve their technical capacity to effectively and rapidly respond promptly to the needs of the customers. In addition, the application of the latest updated technology is indispensable in consulting work.
4. With the experiences practically accumulated in the performed works for engineering design, H.K as applications in consultancy work M & E itself to contribute to improve and provides high efficiency to the project.
With the experiences practically in project management, and trust, assignment of Owner, the Company HK Engineering Consultants Ltd has successfully consulted for many of the projects are as follows: