2. Funtions of business
-        Architecture and struture consultancy for commercial and industrial works;
-        M&E engineering consultancy and design:

o       Ventilating and air conditioning systems
o       Stair pressurization system
o       Industrial refrigeration system
o       Heat supply system
o       Lighting power system
o       Dynamic power system
o       Extra low voltage system (BMS, TEL, LAN, F.A, P.A, CAM, TV.v.v..)
o       Lightning protection system
o       Residential water plumbing system
o       Supply water treatment system
o       Waste water treatment systemo      
o       Storm water drainage system
o       Fire protection and extingushion sytems
o       Compressed air system for pharmaceutical factory
o       .etc.

-        Tendering consultancy:
o       Establish Tender Invitation Documents
o       Consult recommended list of experienced and qualified tenderers
o       Establish Assessment report on Tender Documents in comply with tender law in force

-        Supervision consultancy at construction site:
o       Supervise, check, and report to the Owner conditions of project commencement in accordance with the law in force
o       Supervise, check, and report to the Owner the competence suitability of contractors in comparison with tender documents and construction contract
o       Supervise, check, and report to the Owner the quality of equipment, material and machine installed in the project by construction contractors and equipment supply contractors following design requirements
o       Supervise, check, and report to the Owner the process of project construction
o       Report to the Owner and coordinate related parties to deal with all problems and additionals during project construction
o       Other duties:
         + Supervise and report to the Owner the construction progress at each time of task completion in comply with technical standards, executing methods, and quality management progress. Submit weekly report on project progress to the Owner;
         + Supervise and report to the Owner the impact of all additionals and delay to the agreement on progress. Receive all payment request of other contractors and submit to the Owner;
         + Contact and coordinate all consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors to submit guideline and instruction of operation and maintenance, inspection certificate, warranty, as-built drawing, and installation diagram;
         + Check and inspect completed tasks in comply with the Contract and Design drawing before issuing acceptance certificate. Check and inspect work items that need reparing during construction and at the final stage of the construction;
         + Premilinarily evalute all submited documents (shop drawings, construction method drawings, material samples, experiment reports submited by contractors and/or subcontractors).
         + Issue instructions of supervision manager to supplement/remove/edit work contents compared to the original contract  with the agreement of the Owner.
         + Other works mentioned in the contract signed with the Owner.

-         Establish investment projects, eco-technical reports;
-         Establish construction budget and estimate of construction;
-         Evaluate technical design;
-         Evaluate construction budget and estimate of construction;
-         Provide package consultancy of construction from project establishment to project construction payment for pharmaceutical factory project

3. Scope of services
-    Civil construction projects:
o    Office buildings;
o    Universities and research centers;
o    Museums, cultural dwellings, and halls;
o    Hospitals;
o    Gymnasia and sports projects;
o    Premium residential apartments and buildings;
o    Hotels and resorts;
o    Department stores and shopping centers;
o    .etc.
-     Industrial construction projects:
o    ASEAN/ WHO/ EU/ FDA GMP pharmaceutical factories
o    Textile and garment factories
o    Industrial zones
o    .etc.